Packing for a Ski Trip – The Things You Need to Bring!

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Winter wonderland is calling and you’re wondering what you should be packing for a ski trip.

A ski trip takes more forethought and coordination than a beach getaway, and any other weekend getaway for that matter. A destination ski holiday is an unforgettable experience, especially if it’s your first time on the slopes or your first time traveling away from the familiar slopes of your hometown.

This ski trip packing list should serve as a checklist, or even a reminder, of the necessities you’ll need to stay warm and comfortable on the slopes while on vacation.

Whether you’re heading to a local or international mountain for skiing or snowboarding, our ski trip packing list has you covered with everything you’ll need from a waterproof ski jacket to non-cotton base layer tops and wool ski socks.

Additionally, our ski trip packing list includes apparel for ski social gatherings, dining out, and taking in the snowy scenery. This list should help you prepare for the trip – while avoiding any general packing mistakes you might make otherwise if it’s your first time. If you’re not preparing for an upcoming ski trip, save this list for when you do!

Packing for a ski trip: Everything you need to bring

Rolling Duffel Bag

This may be the most important on the list, namely because it’ll be carrying everything else.

Samsonite Andante Rolling Duffel Bag
This bag is a great example! Check it out here.

You’ll be in the mountains for a while. Ideally, there will be a significant amount of snow as well. You’re welcome to carry your standard hard-case roller suitcase, but in the rough and tumble mountains, it might cause problems. A rolling duffel bag, like the Samsonite mentioned above, is the best alternative for a ski or snowboarding trip because it is more adaptable.

Rolling Double Ski Bag (and extras!)

A rolling ski bag is multifaceted in that it may contain the things that don’t fit in your main bag, along with, of course, carrying your skis. See an easy recommendation, here:

Athletico Rolling Double Ski Bag
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Your checklist should include and not be limited to:

A Map

Knowing the mountain, its boundaries, and the trail’s difficulties are all critical. Before venturing out, pick up a map at the lodge. As a bonus, you’ll always be up to date on the latest information on everything from eateries to first aid stations to restrooms to accommodation.

Identifications and Credit cards

If you’re going to buy a snack or need them in an emergency, make sure to include these essentials. However, there’s no need to bring everything in your wallet with you.


Apply this before you leave the house to prevent sunburn and raccoon eyes. Be sure to bring sunscreen and reapply it as needed, even if the weather is cloudy.


Take a break from looking at the screen. When you’re on or off the slopes, use these in place of your goggles.


You’ll be ready whether it’s day or night with an additional lens.

An additional layer of fleece

The colder it gets the higher you go. Taking precautions is preferable to regretting it afterward.

Extra pairs of socks

Sweat might accumulate in your socks due to rainy weather and cause your toes to get cold. Wear a dry pair of shoes to the lodge after your ride so you can relax.

Glove liners

This is a great idea to put under your gloves or mittens if you’re someone who frequently removes them to lace up your boots or snap a few selfies. It’s not a bad idea to pack an additional set of gloves just in case.

Foot and Hand warmers

Include a few in case your gloves or socks aren’t enough to keep you warm. These are not required if you have well-insulated gloves and boots to keep your extremities dry and toasty.

Driver ratchet tool

After a long day of riding, or depending on the conditions, this repair tool will help you tighten your bindings again.

Nutrition bars

If you’re chasing the powder, you could get a little peckish, so have a quick energy source on hand. Bring a protein bar, trail mix, or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a quick snack at the summit.

Water Bottle

It’s okay if you don’t think about hydrating in the morning, but it’s crucial to remember to sip on water throughout the day.

Waterproof cellphone or waterproof case

In the event of an emergency or if you wish to take panoramic photos from the summit of the mountain, bring your device with you. There are also mobile apps available for tracking your activity and finding out where you are on the mountain. Another useful item is a portable phone charger.


Protect yourself from the wind, sun, cold, and dry air by carrying this with you. Choose a lip balm with SPF that is nourishing as well as protecting your lips.

Cap or Hat

Helmet hair does exist… Bring a hat with you in case you get cold while traveling in between your hotel and the lodge.

Ski or Snowboard Clothing

Remember to bring plenty of warm garments for your trip to the mountains, where the weather can shift radically in a matter of minutes. The following things may be critical:

  1. Jacket — 1 to 3 snow coats with waterproof lining
  2. Pants — a set of one to three water-resistant ski pants
  3. A pair of waterproof snowsuits for each person
  4. Plush, insulating vest made of down or fleece
  5. 1-2 non-cotton foundation layer shirts for the base layer
  6. Non-cotton base layer bottoms, ranging from one to four per person
  7. Gloves and Mittens – ski gloves or mittens that are waterproof and insulated
  8. 1 to 4 fleece or wool sweaters are required.
  9. A warm cap for the winter.
  10. Knitted wool ski socks (three to four pairs).
  11. Nylon balaclava or ski mask with a neck gaiter, for example.

Ski or Snowboard Gear

When preparing for a ski trip, be sure to include both skiing and snowboarding equipment. You may, for example, pack a variety of goggles with different colored lenses. Plan on wearing yellow lenses when it’s snowing, and polarized lenses when it is sunny. When it comes to snowboarding, you’ll need the following gear:

  1. Either skis and poles or a snowboard are required
  2. Boots for skiing or snowboarding
  3. Goggles
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Helmet
  6. Warmers, from one to seven packs of each; electric boot warmers are also an option
  7. Carry a hydration kit

Non-Ski Clothing

Even though it is a ski trip you are packing for, it does not mean the only activity will be skiing and snowboarding. There is time to relax by the fire camp or any restaurant of your choice. For this reason, you may consider packing the following as your non-ski clothing:

  1. Winter coat that keeps you warm
  2. A warm cap for the winter
  3. Hats, scarves, and mitts
  4. Sweaters
  5. Pants and jeans
  6. Socks for the cold weather
  7. Winter boots with a waterproof membrane
  8. Undergarments
  9. Tops and bottoms for sleeping

Hand luggage

Personal identification documents such as a driver’s license and a credit card. A Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and currency are key essentials for your hand luggage. Normally these should not be deep in the bag but a small carrier bag at hand for easy access. Moreover, you may need the following at hand:


When packing your wallet, don’t forget to inform your financial institution that you will be traveling outside of the country.

Snacks for the trip

If you’ve been up since the wee hours of the morning, your trip to the ski resort will be long and taxing. Packing some sandwiches or snack bars in your carry-on luggage could come in handy if your flight or coach to the resort is delayed, especially if you have little children with you.


Consider bringing along entertainment devices such as books, games, and iPads to keep you busy while you travel. As with the requirement for snacks, this might be a long trip, so if you get bored easily, be ready to need some entertainment. When traveling, don’t forget to take along portable chargers and power packs.

Toiletries for a Ski Trip: The Entire Rundown

Toiletries are an important part of your ski vacation packing list. Sunscreen, for example, is a must due to the increased speed at which sunburns occur due to our lower atmospheric pressure. The following toiletries should be included in your luggage:

  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Lotion with aloe vera extract
  • Toothpaste, floss, etc.
  • Hair accessories, i.e., combs, brushes, and barrettes
  • Soap
  • Haircare products
  • Deodorant
  • Razors and other shaving equipment
  • Cosmetics
  • Nail file and clippers

If you’re bringing a baby or child on the ski trip, then you you likely know what you have to pack. Use this as a list just in case you miss/forget something:

  • Diaper bag and easily disposable diapers
  • Baby powder and lotion
  • Bibs with moist wipes
  • Baby food and accompanying spoon
  • Caps and bottles
  • Baby formula
  • Pacifiers
  • Dressing gowns, underwear, and socks
  • Baby winter coat and warm cap
  • Mittens and Sweaters
  • Stroller
  • Vehicle seat
  • Blankets
  • Wipes for spit-up
  • Baby bathing supplies (e.g., shampoo, conditioner, soap, and lotion)